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 YLW's Complete Web Site
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 Traditional Web Developer
 Do It Yourself
1. No developer fees. No hourly charges. Flat rate for the site. Free evaluation of your website.

See how easy it is to make changes with no obligation to buy.
1. Customer pays non-refundable developer fees, regardless of website quality or customer satisfaction (i.e., the programmer doesn't work for free, even if the site is undesirable and not purchased).

1. Buy a software program. Get the 6" thick book and CD rom & learn the software. Build the site yourself, find a hosting company and upload the site to the internet. Very time consuming. You may be left with a very unprofessional look.
2. FREE Changes! You can instantly make changes to your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at NO COST. You can even completely revise the format and content of your site for free, anytime. Your site is never "down," while changes are being made. You will be able to keep your site up to date and current so your customers will return again and again.
No Fees to Make Changes.

2. When the customer wants to make changes or updates to the site, they pay a-la-carte prices at an hourly rate (usually $50 to $200 per hour with a 1 hour minimum). Changes must be submitted to the developer and may take weeks for completion. Your site is "down" while changes are made (putting you temporarily out of business).

2. You make all changes yourself. You must learn programming code, html (hypertext markup language). Whenever you make changes, your site is "down" and your customers will not be able to find it until you upload the site to the internet again with all changes completed.

3. You have unlimited FREE technical support and online resources to assist in modifying your site. This is provided through a toll-free number and is "live" first generation tech support, and it's FREE. It's all point-and-click, drag-and-drop procedures... In other words, updating the site is intuitive and you don't need to know how to program.
Free "Live" Tech Support

3. Tech support is usually very expensive. The web developer makes their money on the sale of your website; they are usually not interested in fixing your problems. If they do, it's for a hefty fee ($50 to $200 per hour with a 1 hour minimum). Most only offer "chat support" or email support. Technical issues are slow to be resolved. Faster processing is sometimes possible for an extra fee
3. When things go wrong there is no one to turn to. You're on your own. Most do-it-yourself sites end up with "Under Construction" signs posted most of the time -OR - they simply remain static with no changes made to them for long periods of time. Customers get bored and stop visiting.

4. A 10,000 Product catalog and shopping cart software is included with your site at no additional cost. You can add merchant services through our association with Card Services International if you desire. If you already have a Merchant Account to process credit cards we will add your Merchant Account to the shopping cart on the site for you... we do not charge additional fees for this service.
Shopping Cart and Product Catalog are INCLUDED!

4. E-Commerce catalog and shopping cart software is available at a premium as an add-on feature, boosting the site price up by $500 for a catalog that features up to 10-20 products, to $5,000 for a more comprehensive catalog. Paying a recurring fee for secure lines that can range around $500 annually. Obtaining merchant services for you requires another hefty fee and in many cases your existing merchant account cannot be used because of the developers’ partnership with a specific merchant provider organization.
4. If you are using the do-it-yourself method you must purchase additional software, which means - back to the books. You must shop for a Merchant Account Provider. Then pay for secure lines that adds an additional fee of $500 annually. You have to piece it all together and get the shopping cart setup and the Merchant Account attached to it so it all functions properly in conjunction with your bank. "Under Construction" signs may be going up very soon!

5. FREE Customized FLASH animation introduction page is included at no extra cost. You can opt to disable it, but it's available as part of the site.

Provides a dynamic multi-media entrance to your site. Can be changed and modified at any time Free of charge.

5. Specialty programming is expensive. FLASH animation averages $150-200 per second of run time. A 10 second FLASH intro could cost you as much as $2000. Of course for changes to your Flash animation you would be "on the clock" ($75 to $200 per hour with a 1 hour minimum)

5. If you want to add custom Flash animation to your do-it-yourself site you can start by getting out your wallet. Flash is not an inexpensive program and is a difficult program for the novice to master. Special classes may be needed. There are lots of big thick books on the shelves of most bookstores that can help you learn.
6. As part of your Web Services Membership package, you have a set of analysis tools online to monitor site usage, hits, etc. You will be able to capture the information from the surfers that visit your site. This information will be seamlessly stored in your included Customer/Contact Management Tool that allows scheduled emails to customers/contacts so your events, sales, activities, and news can be easily sent out to your mailing list. Email up to 10,000 people at one time, no additional fees.
Site Statistics, Information Capture, Contact Management System for email marketing are all INCLUDED.

6. Once the site is built, the developer is done with the job and their obligation to the customer is fulfilled. There are usually no tracking tools or management tools available to the customer, and such services cost extra at a premium. Without the ability to check site statistics, capture surfer information, store it in a contact management system and use it, you have given up on one of the most powerful features a website can provide.

6. By choosing the do-it-yourself option (or the ever popular- "my neighbors son is a computer wiz & he will build it for me" option) you (or the child) already have your hands full building and uploading your site and e-commerce features. Adding sophisticated features that will enable you to capture site statistics and surfer information and store that information into a contact manager which you can use to help you market your site and create more customers, leads, are unlikely.

7. We include sophisticated Search Engine Submission software built into the management area of your site. You can submit your site to the top search engines like Google with the click of a button. And it's FREE!

Need help? Toll-free technical support will provide speedy service to help you choose your key words and effectively list your site.

7. Search engine submission is offered for a fee, or you pay a premium for a pay-per-click account. You can have the most beautiful site on the internet but if no one can find it, what good will it do you? Most Search Engines require frequent submission (every 4 to 6 weeks). At $50 to $200 per submission, per Search Engine, this can add up to tens of thousand of dollars yearly.

7. Manually submitting to multiple search engines every 4 to 6 weeks is a very time consuming job. Let's face it - you're still trying to figure out how to squeeze 25 hours out of a 24 hour day - you don't have time for this, you won't stick with it, and your site will never come up when your prospective customers use the Search Engines. You will have to resort to buying yet another software program or using a paid submission service.
8. YLW Consulting Services offers a complete Customizable Software Development Package. The styles, colors, layout, text and graphics are customizable to your specifications so you get EXACTLY what you want. If you aren't happy with your site there's no obligation to buy.

If you change your mind after you buy the site, you have a 10-day money-back guarantee. There is no contract for you to sign for your monthly hosting- we have to earn your business each and every month. We want happy customers.

The most affordable, feature rich web package in the industry.
8. The average customized business to business (B2B) website costs $3,000-$6,000 for a basic package. Everything is added a-la-carte. Final costs for a small business site can be as high as $10,000-$17,000. Customers often pay in "phases" where their money is incrementally committed as the site is built... There is typically no refund even if the customer changes their mind and opts not to buy the site. The average time to build a site and deliver to the customer is 3-5 weeks, but can be as long as 2-4 months. Typically, customers cannot make their own changes. All changes must be made according to a Tech Support Contract and you pay $75 to $200 per hour. Many developers lock you into a term contract (24 months, 36 months, 48 months).
8. In the long run, if it's done right and you include all the tools you need to be successful on the internet, this is certainly the most time consuming option available to you and will end up costing you far more than originally bargained for. You may end up with a site that you have total control over, but you will, in all likelihood, have an unprofessional design that has a never-ending list of functionality problems that need fixing. Building, maintaining and managing your site while keeping up to date with the latest technology changes, all by yourself, will be a full-time J.O.B.

9. Our Maintenance and Membership Package includes online tools to allow you to manage your site using our "point and click" technology. You can make your own changes to graphics and text without the need for any third-party software and without any fees. You have ongoing access to a sixteen thousand image library of web-ready images for your use in customizing your site. You can add calendars, chat rooms, loan calculators, weather look-ups, additional Mapquest maps, site search engines and many other useful features whenever you want and with NO ADDED COST.

New tools are added as technology changes, so the value increases over time. You can add additional pages to your site for FREE with no limit.

Statistical Tracking and Contact Manager are two tools that are worth fortune to manage your business and your website.


9. Hosting for business sites can range from $50-125/month and up. Hosting for personal sites is cheaper at $9.95-34.95/month. Either way, the customer is just renting web space and does not get the benefit of management tools, statistical tracking, the ability to make changes themselves, or any form of usable tech support. Watch for hidden charges buried in the small print. Some of the hidden charges you might uncover include: increasing monthly hosting fees as you add more pages to your site, additional charges just for adding a custom domain name and matching email addresses, a low monthly hosting but coupled with a mandatory tech-support contract in which you must pay heavy charges for any and all changes to your site, check to make sure YOU own the domain name and can take it with you if you decide to stop doing business with the current company, make sure you check out the cost of adding a product catalog and shopping cart, and find out what you will be paying for Search Engine submission. Make sure your website package will provide statistical tracking and include the capability to capture information and use it for your own email campaign to promote your business.

9. If you look hard enough you will find plenty of cheap site and cheap hosting “deals” on the Internet. These build-it-quick sites are not capable of providing you with a suitable online business website. Many of the tools that are vital to your online success are missing. Tech support is usually non-existent. Companies that offer these “deals” go in and out of business on a regular basis leaving their website customers high and dry. If you still plan on doing-it-yourself, here is a short list of some suggested software you can buy and learn to get started:
• Dream Weaver – website creation software program $399
• Flash – multimedia development software program $499
• Adobe Photoshop – image editing software $399
• Shopping Cart Software $349
• Secure Lines for taking Credit Cards- SSL - $445 annually
• Statistical Tracking $9.95-$99.95/month
• Search Engine Software $39.95 - $350.00

Remember to stay current with all the upgrades. All that’s left is to find a good hosting company and get your merchant account attached to your shopping cart.

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