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Websites by YLW Consulting Services - Frequently Asked Questions

The BEST way to have ALL of your questions answered is to Request a FREE Website Demonstration.  It's easy! Fill out our simple online form and click "Submit."  Then one of our Website Specialists will call you to set up an appointment.

All you need for your FREE Website Demonstration to evaluate our website solution, is a computer with Internet access and about an hour of uninterrupted time with all the owners of your business. There is no obligation so call today and we will have you online tomorrow.

Do we have to sign a yearly contract?
We do not have a yearly contract, we want to earn your business month to month. There are terms of agreement before your purchase your site, signature not required. You are not committed for any length of time. You can cancel whenever you want.

What do you do about security?
We use industry-standard SSL encryption to scramble your customers’ sensitive information.

Can we have as our address?
Yes, many of our users do. Your website includes an easy domain manager tool, located in the Domains section in your active control panel that lets you register your own domain name ( If you already have a domain name, you can use the tool to transfer it or call our Toll FREE technical support to assist you.

How are customer's orders processed?

Within the electronic commerce section of your site owner administration system, you can determine how your customer's orders will be processed. You have many following options:
• E-Mail ordering only: Choose this option to receive orders via email only. You can then print your orders out and process them offline.
• E-commerce Ready:  You will choose this option if you already have an e-commerce transaction processing account.
• Online Transaction Processing: If you have a merchant account but are not currently able to process transactions on the Internet then this option will allow you to set up you online transaction processing.
• New Merchant Account: Choose this option to apply for a merchant account through Card Services International, our selected merchant account provider.
• Accept Credit Cards Now: Choose this option to start accepting credit cards immediately without establishing a merchant account.

We don't have a merchant account yet. Can you help us get one?
Yes, you can apply online through our selected merchant account provider, Card Services International. Just call our toll-free number when you are ready. Your application will be processed quickly. When you're accepted, your new merchant account will be integrated into your store automatically.

Do we need to have our own merchant account to process credit cards?
No. Websites by YLW Consulting Services has made arrangements for you to accept credit cards immediately, without establishing a merchant account or paying any set-up fees. This is ideal for a business that is just starting out, where online sales volume is unknown.

Do we have to know HTML?
No. All you need to do, in order to make changes to your website is utilize the simple point and click interface provided in your site owner administration system. On the other hand, if you want to embed HTML tags in the text that you enter, you can.

Can we include keywords on our site so that search engines can find us?
Yes. Page administration section of your site owner administration system always you to enter keywords that search engines utilize when processing user searches. You can also add keywords to item descriptions and images with our SEO, Search Engine Optimization tools.

Can we change our website once you have created it?
Yes. You can update your website as often as you'd like, from wherever you happen to be. While you're editing your website, visitors continue to see the previous version. Once you update your changes, the new version instantly becomes visible.

Can we use our own images?

Yes. The management tools on your website give you the ability to upload from your computer to our server within your site owner administration system. Once uploaded, you can utilize your images almost anywhere on your site.

Can we upload our own HTML files?

Yes. You can use the convenient "Upload Files Tool" to transfer your custom html and image files from your computer to our server.

Can we get statistics about what is happening in our site?
With our unique access statistics reporting system, you can track the number of visitors to each of your pages, on a daily basis. You can also track the visitor's location and from which site they were coming from. This feature helps give you "run control" over your advertising and measure results based on who is drawn to your website.

Do we need any special hardware or software to use our website?
If you are reading this you have everything you already need. The only thing you need is internet access and a current browser.

Will you give me help driving traffic to my site?
Yes. You can submit your site to different search engines using our simple search engine submission tool.

We already have a web site. Can we just add E-commerce?
Yes. You can choose to only utilize your included shopping catalog system and link to it from your existing site.

Will any one else have access to our sales data?

NO. You are the only person that will have access to your order information unless you choose to give others access. The website software also offers you the ability to limit access to individual pages on your website and the entire site.

What kind of network connection do you have?
Our servers are on a high speed, dedicated line, which will ensure that you and your customers always have fast and reliable access to your site.

What do you use as servers?

Our software operates on multiple servers that run either Windows NT or Linux operating systems.

What do you do about backups?
We have dedicated systems to ensure that a duplicate of all your data is maintained at all times. We have 8 20amp 120v circuits and a 30amp 230v circuit which are conditioned and protected by UPS. Additional protection is proved by power generators in the event of an extended power outage. Each 120v circuit is connected to a 12 outlet power strip which is managed by a BayTech remote control unit for managing power usage.


Do we support Macintosh computers?
Yes. Our complete Web Services Package solution is compatible with Mac and Pc. We support Imac's, we only have issues with Imac's using the FTP tool.

What operating systems do you support?

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Vista, Window 7, NT, XP and Linux.

Can we setup support FTP on our site?
Our "Upload Tool" functions the same way as FTP.

Can we support a streaming audio/video?

You can upload a video or audio file, then customers can download the file to view through Windows Media Player, etc.

What type of server extension do we have for FrontPage 2000?
We do not use FrontPage extensions. The customer must save file(s) as HTML and then upload them into their root directory. This all happens in the Admin Section.

Do we have logos and icons in the imagery file?
In our library you will find more than 16,000 images that you can use, some of these images are animated GIF's. You can also get others from many royalty free sourceson the web.


What is the connection of our servers to the Internet?
We have several OC-12 and OC-48 fiber connections to the Web located in the same facility as one of the Googles portals.

What bandwidth do we have available?
There is virtually no limit to the bandwidth into your Website on our servers. DS3 and T3 circuits are connected to our sites.

What are the traffic limitations of the website?
NO traffic limitations. Each site can handle and unlimited amount of traffic.

What is past uptime rating?

Our site reliability is among the best in the internet community, a 99.99 uptime.

How many megabytes are these sites allowed?
The overall site has a capacity of 10 gig.

How many pages does the basic website include and how many pages can a customer have?

The basic site is around 7 pages. There is no limit to the number of pages or images as long as they don't exceed 500mb. Our standard site has the ability to have up to 100,000 products in your shopping catalog.


Do we supply private e-mail and Virtual Web hosting?
Yes. We provide private e-mail aliasing and Virtual Web hosting. We now provide a mailserver and 20 e-mail aliases. If you need more, those are included at no additional charge.


If a customer wants to add audio or video to their website, what do they need to do?
All you need to do is upload the file with the video/audio in it. Then provide a link on the website to that file. You can call your Toll FREE technical support to assist you.

Can we support MP3 or Midi files?

Yes, customers can upload the file into their file cabinet and then create a link onto their page.

Do you support databases?

We only support the site generated database with this system.  The support mentioned is the way our software creates and stores information. One option is to have product list in a tab-delimited file format that can be uploaded to our system.

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