YLW Consulting Services is utilizing the Corporate Edition of the GotoWebinar™.  We are sharing in the annual cost of the license. You will have access to being able to conduct Webinars of up to 500 people. Please visit www.gotowebinar.com to view ALL of the features and benefits of the software. After you register and pay for your license with us, we will set up up as a registered license for the year under your email. You will be able to conduct, track, create reports and record your webinars immediately.

In addition, you have access to GotoMeeting for up to 25 people and also GotoTraining for up to 200 people.

Note: The Personal GotoMeeting™ version costs $600/year  to hold meetings up to 25 attendees. The GotoWebinar costs $5,000/year for the Webinar to host meetings with attendees up to 500. GotoMeeting and the Webinar doesn't offer the extras benefits on the personal version of recording and archiving the meetings on their servers. We are offering you to partner up with us for the Corporate License.

The Special Corporate package put together for us includes:

GotoMeeting For up to 25 people
GotoTraining For up to 200 people
GotoWebinar For up to 500 people

This special package allows us to add additional people that you know onto our license for the future.

YLW Consulting Services Licensed Partner for GOTO Webinar Special

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MSRP: $4,800.00
Price: $700.00
Qty :
This is for you to join us as a licensed partner with YLW Consulting Services to have a year's access to the Goto Webinar 500 Corporate Service, which includes up to 500 attendees.

Pricing changes are in effect from GOTOWebinar as of October 1st, 2009.
Please note that your credit card will get billed under Superlative Alternatives Inc. Your userid is based on your email. If you want to use a different email for your user account, please provide the email address in the OTHER information that will show up during the Checkout Procedure. If you purchase more than one license, please list the emails that should be registered under the license in the OTHER field.

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