Why Do I Need a Website?

Companies are always looking for cost-effective, turnkey solutions that will increase their profitability without increasing their costs. Everyday brick and mortar businesses are losing money to the internet. Here are several different ways that Websites by YLW Consulting Services website solution will make your business more competitive and efficient, giving you the edge back against your competition.
Why do I need a Website for my business?

• Levels the playing field between big corporations and small businesses
• Exposes your business to new markets you may not otherwise reach
• Increases sales without significantly increasing costs
• Opens up a virtual storefront that creates additional sales channels
• Offers a great way to promote deals and special offers
• Automates the sales process-saves time, money, and improves accuracy
• Allows you to provide fast, personalized service to your customers
• Lets you answer your customer's questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Gives more credibility to your business (in a shorter amount of time)
• Introduces new products or services to the market faster
• Leverages money spent on traditional media advertising
• Gives you an additional, inexpensive form of continuous advertising
• Makes your business more competitive-quickly respond to customer's needs
• Creates a way to display samples of previous work for prospective customers
• Update online documents and manuals without additional printing costs
• Enhances communication between you, your prospects, and your customers

Websites by YLW Consulting Services provides you with the best web site solution at an affordable price.

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Every day, consumers spend almost $7.4 billion shopping on the Internet. How much revenue did your company generate online today?

Whether you sell a product or provide a service, it is essential for your business to establish a presence on the Internet. Your website is the best way to advertise your company, while turning local businesses into global businesses. By offering your potential customers the ability to get more information about your business services at any time, your marketing costs using traditional advertising media are reduced, while you are increasing the amount of information you provide your customers.

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